Useful tips for parents visiting Vilnius with kids

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

It is great when you can go carefree and avoid planning the trip, but it is a bit different when you are traveling with kids. We all know how important it is to know the destination you are visiting with your little ones. Therefore, even though it would be hard to put every handy detail into one article, we tried our best to share some facts about kids-friendly locations, transportation and restaurants we know in Vilnius.

Kids-friendly locations

To start, we’d love to introduce you to the recently published unique gamified map “Vilnius for children”. This gamified map “Vilnius for children” is created for 7-10 years old children, but it will surely help parents to explore 15 not typical locations in Vilnius city as well. You can receive it in Vilnius tourism information center (at the location).

Also, Vilnius tourism information center offers a wide list of the kids-friendly locations in Vilnius called “Vilnius for Kids” (digital file). This list involves various museums, outdoor and indoor entertainments, playrooms, cinemas, playgrounds, cafes & restaurants and other practical information for parents.

If you ever go by or decide to visit Vilnius public libraries or shopping malls, you will be slightly surprised how perfectly they are adapted to all the parents needs who need to change the diaper or breastfeed a baby. So we can assure you that Vilnius city libraries and all the bigger shopping malls won’t let you down!


There is a taxi company in Vilnius called Jazz express which provides a baby car seat for a safe ride. However, due to the popularity, this service has to be ordered in advance. Here you can find some numbers to call a taxi in Vilnius.

Also, a KID’N’GO user from USA shared with us that one of the greatest adventures her children experienced in Lithuania was travelling by city buses. She explained that this undervalued activity brought lots of joy and bright memories for her family because they have never tried it before. So when visiting Lithuania next time make sure to try it out! Here you can find all the ticket prices of public transportation in Vilnius.

It is important to notice that Vilnius has several types of buses and trolleybuses. When traveling with a stroller, make sure you wait for a low-floor bus which is adapted for easier boarding.

Kids-friendly restaurants

Most of Vilnius restaurants are kids-friendly. When ordering food you can always ask for a change in dish composition to make it more suitable for your child or ask for something to play with. In the previously mentioned maps you can find some recommended locations to eat with yours kids, but we want to inspire you not to stick to this list and try some additional locations, like Casa la Familia, Vaflių namai, Bonocosi, Open Kitchen Vilnius, El Mercado, Jurgis ir drakonas, Veranda, Vapiano, Charlie Pizza and many more that you can find in Vilnius city streets (not all of these places have comfortable changing tables, but they are improving!)

Wherever you go please be mindful about what you leave after yourself, and by saying that, we mean trash. In our previous article you can find 5 tips to sustainable traveling with your kids. We hope you are going to enjoy your time in Vilnius and if you ever find yourself thinking that you might need car seat, kid chair, toys or anything else, go ahead and try searching for it on our kids’ gear rental platform at

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